Natasha Blazquez

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My name is Tasha. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. Teaching English has always been a rewarding experience for me. Being able to see students improve day by day makes this profession worthwhile. I have an abundant passion for language that is why I also learned another one which is Spanish. This way, I am able to see language learning from a student’s perspective. Aside from my passion in teaching I also enjoy watching movies, traveling in different cities and exploring different islands especially in my country, and you may also find me experimenting in the kitchen and learning to cook new dishes. Education never ends after we finish school, may it be a hobby or a language it is always fun to learn something new!

Experiencia en Enseñanza

I started teaching even while I was still finishing my degree in Education. I was a working student and I used to tutor part time online and offline to Korean students. We focus on their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. I also have done freelance tutoring to foreign students from my university and they were Chinese and Japanese. Right after I finished my degree as a teacher, I worked for a private school as a full time English teacher in different levels focusing on intermediate students. I am a licensed teacher and teaching English as a second language has been a big part of my profession. I have attended different seminars on instructional design and teaching strategies which has helped me to improve and become better in imparting my knowledge to language learners.



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